1200 MINI circuits!

In case you don’t know, I do still sell the original MINI circuit (auto-up windows, track mode DSC, garage opener control from MINI toggle switches) … I’m still missing two states (West Virginia & Montana) – if you live there and want to buy a circuit, get in contact!

(see here for how the map is created – although two years later, Google Maps is the way to do this stuff!)

For number fanatics like me, here is a chart of the average number of days to ship 50 MINI circuits (since I started keeping track!):

You can see the average time dropping prior to September 2005, with a frantic burst then, when I had planned not to sell the circuit any more – but OutMotoring cancelling their plans left me selling once more, but as can be seen at a much slower rate now – presumably due to the competition … I’d be fascinated to see similar data from them, but I don’t think it exists (or at least, it’s not made public).