100,000 miles for Jason

There’a a few MINIs that have done 100,000 miles or more – the first I knew of was back in July 2004, and more recently Don Burnside passed 100,000 miles (and I think is now over 130,000).

While I was driving coast-to-coast during MTTS, my friend Jason reached 100,000 miles in his 2003 VR MINI and wrote a great 100,000-miles-in-pictures on MINI2 (interesting that DB and Jason both have VR MCs – is that a prerequisite to reach 100,000 miles?!)

I first met Jason at the original 2002 MINI meander – second from left in this picture:

Since then, I see Jason once or twice a year – pretty well guaranteed to see him at British Invasion … Jason was also, famously, the driver of the “Marshmallow” at the original MINIsOnTop (2003), due to a moose encounter … this accident, and the rest of Jasons MINI history, is well documented on his MINI2 post.

Meanwhile, I covered about 8,300 miles in GBMINI#1, 28,000 miles in GBMINI#2, 22,000 miles (so far) in GBMINI#3 and 5,600 miles (so far) in GPMINI – a total only about 2/3 of Jasons count (but then he has a 200 mile drive each way to the dealership, while I have only 20 miles!)

Jason – it’s great to have you as a friend 🙂

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