The big move to WordPress

Yes, after my recent success with GPMINI, I’ve now dragged GBMINI over to WordPress
#1 Using WordPress sometimes and MovableType sometimes is very confusing;
#2 I get hundreds of spam comments each day – most don’t make it to the weblog but I still have to sift / delete them!

I’m hoping that the WordPress spam filtering will do better than MovableType – if nothing else, the move should confuse the spammers for a couple of days 😉

Anyway, moving GBMINI is a much bigger challenge than GPMINI was, and I’m not yet complete.

One major problem is that the archive URLs are not full length (for example /mtblog/archive/2006/10/minisontop_on_w.shtml) while WordPress links are full length and without the extension (/2006/10/minisontop_on_wordpress/) … for now I’ve used a giant 100K .htaccess file to redirect every post! There’s probably a better way.
When I set up GPMINI earlier this year, I used MovableType but because I was considering WordPress, I set MovableType up to use full length URLs, so that wasn’t an issue with the previous move.

Another thing is that, unlike GPMINI, I have lots of “extra” pages on GBMINI (the MINI sales figures, auto-up windows, etc) – these pages are all half broken at the moment, till I get to fixing them …

So, some stuff will be broken for a little while – sorry! But mostly things should be OK; please tell me if not …

Well I was wrong about the spammers … Akismet has already caught 15 … sorry, 17 … spam comments, and I’ve only had the new site running for about half an hour! Apparently the spammer engines are pretty smart and able to handle different weblog comment engines on the fly 😦

9 thoughts on “The big move to WordPress

  1. So far so good, Ian. I don’t envy the large task of moving from one app to another. Even if it were all automated, I’d be worried about something being screwed up. In fact, I just upgraded to WP2.0 last week…I kept putting it off worried something would break, and finally backed up the directory and database, and clicked the upgrade button (thank you, fantastico)…and it went without a hitch.

    I don’t use the pages feature of wordpress, I instead create my own html files, and edit the sidebar theme file to link to them directly. Then again I suppose things would look cleaner if I did. Once you start diving into theme editing you quickly drown in all the CSS. But I think you already discovered all that with GPMini.

    I’ve never had a single piece of spam, and I wonder if it is really my dumb-question plugin that does it. I’ll direct you to it if you are interested.

  2. Josh,
    Akismet says it’s blocked 140 spam comments since I installed this afternoon … and they are all spam, too.

    So either your MINI pages aren’t searchable enough to be worth targetting, or else your color trick is working VERY well!
    Maybe I should add it here and see what effect it has – if you’re on WP too it should be easy for me to copy what you’ve done?

  3. Yes! Although contrary to the documentation I had to manually add gatekeeper_pose_challenge() to the comments code.
    So Akismet is at 479; let’s see if it stops there …

  4. Not stopped completely: count=550 now so 70 since I added the challenge … strange thing is, there’s nothing now listed to be reviewed. Why is the count increasing while there’s nothing new listed? Is Akismet counting comments which are then stopped by the Gatekeeper?

  5. Nicely done!

    You know, I don’t get any spam at dbmini. Well, at least none that I hear about. Using akismet and spamwords block. Well, and I was pretty dilegent in blocking spammer ips a while ago. my htaccess file is pretty large, but I have a TON of blocked stuff in there (ip’s and referrer sites). Helps keep the logs kinda clean too.

    I don’t really deal with it much any more. I just kinda let what happens happen. I have too much going on to actively fight it.

    dbmini has 622 in the akismet queue right now. You should see what it is at MF!

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