9 thoughts on “iPod control by Alpine

  1. Thanks for the video. I really like that you have the ability to skip to different sections of the artist list with the numbers. The response is also much faster than on mine.

    I think it might be time for me to upgrade 😉

  2. Very cool, Ian. Crutchfield lists several different iPod adapters supposedly compatible with the CDA-9857; which one did you get?

    I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got in Scrat, but Mater really needs some help in the audio department. (And some help in the leaking transmission department, but that’s another story entirely!)

  3. That’s not bad, since that cable’s, what, thirty bucks? Not that five hundred is chump change (however certainly more than the $20 tape adapter I bought for my Jeep), but that seems like a pretty well-integrated solution for a not a *ton* of money. There are probably (or will be) other head units that fit the bill, too.

    Does the play count and last-played timestamp get updated when songs are played through the Alpine HU? That impacts my smart playlists.

  4. Crutchfield also lists the CDE-9870 for $119 (although it’s not currently available), so that makes a whole new HU *and* iPod hookup less than some (many?) iPod adapters all by themselves!

  5. Brian,
    Yes the “last played” timestamp is updated – no idea about the count, but I’d say probably. I think all that is internal to the iPod

  6. Not yet.
    I’ve ordered a “plug in” interface from MikeyTheMINI in England, but it’s not arrived yet.
    There’s a USA alternative (PAC SWI-ALP) but it requires cutting a wire in the cars harness so I prefer Mikeys option.

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