GPMINI gets Subs

Hooray! I got a call today from Jim at Superior Systems in Peabody that the custom subwoofer install in GPMINI was completed – I of course headed straight over to check it out and pick up GPMINI … and I was not disappointed 🙂

The custom enclosure holding three JL Audio 6″ subwoofers (and the two DPSM 6×9 speakers) is now nicely finished in dark vinyl, a close match to the cars interior dash trim (and the back of the seats). The enclosure is also nicely molded to the shape of GPMINIs interior. A JL Audio 250W amplifier drives the subwoofers, tucked away in one of the two GP storage areas where the rear seats live in a normal MINI, and the DPSM 6×9 speakers face forward, sitting close behind the seats – but they effectively give some extra “surround” depth to the car.

Of course what you can’t tell from these pics is the resulting sound … I can, and I like it 🙂

6 thoughts on “GPMINI gets Subs

  1. Talk about a truly one of a kind GP – only 2000 on the planet and now you truly have a one of a kind out of the 2000. Pretty slick. Came out really nice.

  2. Looks great Ian. My ears have been taking a serious beating from the DPSM with the standard 4 sprakers. I can’t imagine what it must sound like with 3 additional sub-woofers. I can’t wait to hear it.

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