GBMINI#3, that is – now to be known as “REDSX1” and owned by Paul & Pauline, who collected the car from MINI of Peabody today:

Coincidentally, Paul & Pauline are also British ex-pats, who lived within about 10 miles of me back in the 1980s (near Bath)! Hope to see you again next weekend, at the MINI of Peabody Spring Rally!

And here’s another coincidence …
Saturday, heading back from Pasta For Pat and having recently been listening to Gabe on WhiteRoofRadio singing the praises of the BMW Z4 M coupe, what passed me on I93 north of Boston but that very car!
The Z4 M slowed as it reached me, and checked out the GP, then pulled ahead and then pulled over – so I pulled up to it’s side and returned the compliment 🙂
Thumbs up for both drivers, and then the Z4 headed off …

Today, while I was meeting Paul & Pauline, tech Kevin introduced me to Robert – who had come in to learn more about the cool looking MINI he’d seen at the weekend, while driving his Z4 M coupe!
Robert also drives a very loaded MCS, with HK, NAV, JCW 210 upgraded engine, suspension, etc, etc …

8 thoughts on “Sold!

  1. With all those coincidences, I hope you bought a lottery ticket on the way home..! 🙂

  2. Now that’s spooky!

    Did they keep the “S” on the roof? Did they know about the super sound system? Did they know that you are the MINI KING? =;¬)

  3. This was more like an adoption process than a car purchase. I’ve bought many cars over the years and not one was a pleasant experience until today. MoP is a great place to buy from. Brig Currie did his job with zero pressure and it was awesome to meet the ‘Mini-King’ when we picked up the ‘Little Red Rocket’. Drove to work today- smiling all the way. Our Service director is a BMW fan with a new M5. He took her for a spin and couldn’t believe how fast it was and how well she handled. He may need to go buy a GP!

  4. Congrats on joining the FAMILY of MINI.

    Paul, one of those special vinyl cloth folding type would be kool and probably the only one in the USA if you could get one?


    I bought my daughter’s Cooper from MOP. I live in Pasadena Ca so they must be good.


    MINI KING, I think I started something. =;¬)

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