10 thoughts on “Winter keeps coming

  1. Ian, wow lots of snow. maybe you can clear out GPs nose (intake) so she can breath. She’s not liking this weather one bit and called my GP last night asking for bubble and some warm coco 😉

  2. Started digging out GPMINI yesterday, but ended up slipping on ice and now have one arm in a brace 😦
    At least, no bones broken!
    So GPMINI will have to wait a while longer yet …

  3. Hope all is well and presumably you won’t be working for a while! Unless, of course, GP is able to get you there unassisted. It seems to do most things!

  4. GPMINIs cover is on loan – but I’ve never used it anyway; we had 40+mph winds in the last storm, I worry that would rub the cover on the paint.
    Actually all that snow is protecting GPMINI quite well!
    Best of all I suppose would be to copy George and his inflatables – but I expect to drive GPMINI sometimes through the winter (when both hands are available again!)

  5. A good cover should not cause any damage to your paint. My cover goes on and comes off in about 3 minutes. Living in the San Gabriel foothills we have very stiff winds, 30 – 60 mph, from time to time and I see no damage. I have one of the official MINI covers that looks like the car.

    Glad to hear your arm is better.

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