R56 NAV/stereo: that’s not a British accent!

I recently found something curious – initially I thought GBMINI#5 had a German accent, but now I’m not quite so sure what accent it is!

Most of the NAV voice prompts are pre-recorded, but recently I heard the car announce the track number that was playing on my iPod – and it’s an accented computer generated voice:

So, what do you think? German? Something else?

6 thoughts on “R56 NAV/stereo: that’s not a British accent!

  1. On MINI2, UK owners have complained that it is an “unclear American accent” and makes Nav guidance difficult to follow.

  2. There have been complaints about the American accent since the car came out. Its perhaps surprising that the English version (no matter where you are in the world) is the same American accent.

  3. Sounds like they got professional voice talent to do most of it but forgot to record them saying numbers, so the engineers “solved” the problem themselves doing their best german-american accent. 🙂 If they want to market the mini as a cute british car, IMO the accent should always be british.

  4. For those of you who remember MacTalk on earlier Macs (Plusses, SE IIs, etc.), this computer generated “voice” seems instantly recognizable.

    I don’t believe they bothered to pre-record number “phrases”; I think the computer is using old technology to vocalize the numbers in real-time.

    Just a thought…

  5. While working at a MINI dealer during 2002-04, the first nav systems had a distict British accent (not sure the dialect). I understand that may Americans complained to MINI that they could not understand it (why? its still Engish, right!) and updated it with an American accent version, which the recipients of the updates I had done then complained that the nav had lost its British identity. I agree with this, and though my MINI does not have nav, if it did, I would certainly want it to speak with a British accent.

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