The 2008 NorthAmericanMotoring calendar

Did you get yours yet?

Another fine calendar, although unlike last year I didn’t recognize any cars πŸ˜‰

As well as the June picture above (and note the list of events on the right!), other great pics include January (view from inside a MINI on the track), September (trees & MINI) and December (snowed MINI badge).
Thanks, NorthAmericanMotoring (head over to their store if you want to order one)

5 thoughts on “The 2008 NorthAmericanMotoring calendar

  1. Why does this pic look Photoshop’d? Probably not, but seems like they used two pics with one using a filter like motion blur or radial blur? Nice pic though.

  2. Yeah, it’s fake blur – a little overdone IMHO. You can tell because the back of the car is sharp and yet the ground directly beneath it is blurry. That’s what makes it look photoshopped because it makes the car lift off from the background.
    Not wanting to turn this into a photoshop thread, it’s just that I’m getting back into PS now, and it’s something I’m very aware of – where to draw the line between enhancing a photo and making up something that wasn’t really there…

  3. Would be interesting to find out if it was PS’d. For me the trees just above the car seemed the give away but I could be wrong, This is not a slam on the pic just an observation.

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