Epcot and Magic Kingdom

As well as looking at property to buy during our recent trip to Florida, we still found time to visit Epcot and Magic Kingdom – but so did the rest of the world, apparently!

Epcot is as fabulous as ever; the updated “The Seas” now features Nemo and friends from the animated movie – these gulls cheerfully call “Mine” 🙂

Our trip to Magic Kingdom was the only day when the weather wasn’t perfect, sunny and 80s – instead it rained on and off throughout the day and evening (but it was still about 70!) … being New Years Eve, it was probably the busiest day of the year for the park! There were long queues everywhere – some rides had queues of more than 1-1/2 hours – we chose to do things that didn’t involve so much queueing, like riding the railroad.
We did get a “fast pass” for Splash Mountain – we spent a couple of hours elsewhere in the park till our fast pass time came, but that shortened the actual queueing time to maybe 15 minutes …


We watched a (wet) parade, Mickey’s Once Upon A ChristmasTime Parade:


We also stayed for the 8pm fireworks (no pics of them due to camera limitations) … afterwards, we joined many others exiting the park (but even more people stayed till 2am, through the second (New Years) fireworks) …