Too cold for an R56?

It was 10f when I left for work this morning – and that’s basically where it stayed!
I took GBMINI to Sublime Restorations so I’m driving GBMINI#5 tonight … and when I started the car, she started fine but the clock was gone, and there was no trip information. Curiously the date was correct, while the time had vanished.
Anyway, note the exclamation mark above (the triangle to the left of 000.0 – not very visible in picture, sorry) … calling up “CHECK INFO” gave a display on the NAV screen:

And pressing the joystick (which I didn’t do but apparently GBMINI#5 got fed up while I was taking pictures, and “pressed” it for me) gives a description which very (un)helpfully says “turn off unnecessary electrical consumers … in case of repeat occurrence, have the system checked by your MINI dealer”:

Meanwhile, GPMINI – with it’s smaller than normal weight-saving battery – had no trouble with battery power, during the same cold, also un-driven due to our Florida trip. I hope this issue doesn’t recur …

Something else now … yesterday the R56 stalled three times when initially moving it; I assumed it was because the brakes & tires were frozen from sitting in the cold / wet for a week.
But this morning, it again stalled twice when I tried to go; I had to give it LOADS of revs to have enough power to move without stalling – and this was on a flat driveway with no overnight icing!
Apparently GBMINI#5 has no power when it’s cold; for the first few minutes you could feel that it wasn’t happy to run, sluggish and under-powered.

8 thoughts on “Too cold for an R56?

  1. Well look at the bright side, at least the the temp was on the + side! 😉

    If I was a car I’d do the same thing until you moved me to FL, and soon! 65º today here in SoCal, brrrrrrrrr! Actually warmer than Kissimmee, FL.

    Maybe Christine or Sybil would have been a better moniker for this rascal. Seems GB/5 is a bit of a rascal.

  2. I’ve had mine stall one me once when starting from cold. Regarding cold start / cold weather power, ya, I’ve had that happen frequently when street parking on cold nights. When the engine is really cold its super sluggish, but then picks up again after a minute. Not sure why.

    Also, if your car is stalling alot. Have them check out your Mass Airflow Sensor. I had mine die on me the night after I went to the Dragon, it just wouldn’t start, no warning lights either, and they had to tow me 3 hrs to Century MINI.

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