Bridgette keeps warm

More and more these days, Bridgette needs to keep warm (she’s about 15 years old now). We have a heated cat bed that she sleeps in for much of the day, but she also searches for other heat sources – for example she’s figured that the hottest base board (radiator) in the house is at the bottom of the stairs (it happens to have two hot pipes running through it), and in the mornings she’ll often stand next to it with her head about as close as she can get!

But the best way to get warm is to sit in the sun – she spends much of any sunny winter morning on the corner of the bed in the guest room, where the sun shines in:

But if we’re home, she knows to ask us to open the front door so she can sit behind the glass storm door:

Eventually even she gets too hot and retreats to somewhere more shady – but this is one of her favourite places in the winter 🙂