Un-invited to MINI of Peabody!

MINI of Peabody announced a “tech night” for next week, and I of course said I’d like to attend – it’s always fun to spent time at MINI dealerships πŸ™‚
But just now, I received this email back from them:
Thank you for your interest in MINI of Peabody’s Tech Night. Due to a high demand immediately following the launch of our email, we are over capacity for this event. We want to extend you an invite to a second Tech Night that we are planning in the upcoming weeks. We will email you as soon as we have our next date

Don’t they love me any more?

20 thoughts on “Un-invited to MINI of Peabody!

  1. oh, how unfortunate, but I wouldn’t exactly call it un-invited, as they did invite you to attend a second Tech Night. What they did not do is tell you that you could come, and later tell you not to come, and never shadow their doorway again, which would be more of an un-invite.

    Hey, they don’t even invite me! They probably know what trouble it would be if I attended, anyway! Not that I bought a MINI from them, or anything.

  2. I’m in… I’ll take you as my guest..! πŸ˜‰

    Now, I must pay for that extended warranty before the tech night finds something expensive wrong with my car..!!!

  3. Wow, That’s kinda low. What are they thinking?! To ask the KING to take the side door, WOW. How many cars have you bought from them? How many people have you sent to them? I even came from California to buy!

    MOP, bend thy knee, you will regret the error of your ways! Long Live the KING!

    They must be under new management, Heads will roll!


  4. I like going to any and ALL MINI events (I know you do). Hope a purchase at Inskip hasn’t changed the warm welcome I always got from the ones at Peabody (I’m sure it hasn’t?). It’s a good crew they have working there! They put on a great October event. I also really like the timed rally event because it keeps the speeds in check on public roads! I don’t want to miss any of these events!

  5. Paul Mello – Typically the events that we do at MINI of Peabody are for our sales customers. It is only one of the benefits of purchasing your MINI from MINI of Peabody. I would not want to discourage you from asking to attend any of our events in the future though. We are in full support of non-dealer specific events (like MOT, Meander, Etc) but our MINI of Peabody dealer specific events (like the timed auto cross) are planned specifically with our customer base in mind. It is a “thank you” of sorts for our customers. It is not designed to exclude others, as much as it is encouraging our customers to meet others that have had an excellent sales experience at our store. I am glad of your “warm welcome” as the staff here is genuinely nice, but I would encourage considering purchasing your next MINI from MOP if you really enjoy the events we put on several times a year. We literally would not be able to afford the events we do, if it weren’t from the loyal support we recieve regularly from the MINI community. I hope this posting does not come across snarky as that is not its intention. Those events cost a great deal of money at the expense of the owner group – and they are literally happy to do it for our happy customers. Kind Regards, Vinny

  6. Sarah and I had intended to also go to MoP on Tuesday, but were similarly uninvited. It’s not a huge deal, but how hard is it to actually check the attendance count before allowing someone to “RSVP”?

  7. Brian,
    I chatted with Gary @ MoP on Friday; apparently they were very quickly swamped with takers for the tech night.
    Their plan is to put each individual car up on ramps, so limiting them to 6 cars at a time – they set a total limit of 24 cars, but had responses from 80 people!

    Gary pointed out that names were selected purely by when they responded to the email – no favouritism (which is why I didn’t get in πŸ˜‰ )

  8. What about people that called to RSVP? That’s actually what the email said to do, and what Sarah did, so to be told (as you did) “you’re in” and then “oops, nope, you’re out” is just poor organization.

  9. I never actually got told I was in … I got the announcement and replied to it; there was no indication originally that there would be a limit to the number of participants, so I just planned to attend (till I got the “sorry” message).
    As for people that phoned, Gary said they recorded the time of the call (!) and sorted responses by time of call or time of email …

  10. Boy, I feel like I have alot of “sticking up to do” for MoP, I hope there is no love lost here from the community. I do not think it is a secret how small this dealership is, so we are continually pressed for space in all our events. This “tech night” is something we are considering doing frequently, this is just the first one. As Ian mentioned, due to space – we had to cap out at 24 people for this first event. Sorry Brian if there was a miscommunication – as I know you know, nothing intentional there. We always get overwhelming and immediate responses when we do those email blasts, but when trying something new – it’s hard to forecast what the response will be from the community. We’ll have to get you both in the next tech night.

  11. Poor Vin… No good deed goes unpunished.

    I was invited, then confirmed, then uninvited, which turned out to be an email mixup. Turns out I still have my slot (I think). All okay with me, by the way. It was a generous offer, I think, and if it takes a round or two to get the kinks out, I can tolerate it.

  12. Vin: Great to hear it was so popular! I wasn’t sure how to take your first reply but Ian assured me that it was just the problem of an overwhelming response!

  13. Vin, no harm done. I’ve got a lot of love for MoP. Sometimes being perfect all the time makes your flaws just that much more noticeable. πŸ˜‰

  14. I’ve mentioned this on MINI2 before. It is interesting to be working for a business that it discussed frequently on the internet. When I moved off the sales floor, I couldn’t believe it was discussed in forums… its a good thing to keep us informed – but I get defensive for us as well. I think you all know, that the staff at MoP literally does their best to provide an excellent service. These guys work 60-70 hours a week to make MoP the place that it is. We try to do as much as we can for the MINI community, I appreciate it when you are all so gracious.

    Thanks again, Vinny

  15. The other interesting thing is that we know who posts what messages, as we know most of the “heavy hitters” in the MINI community πŸ™‚

    Just please keep in mind when posting in the forums – these events are done at no charge. They are supposed to be as a benefit for OUR customers. If it turns out that these “free” events, cause more negative pubilicity then positive – why would we continue to put them on. I don’t see much negativity written about the dealerships that do little to nothing for the MINI community. Almost everyone here reads GBMINI, MINI2, Motoringfile and you’d be mistaken if you think it doesn’t effect some of the staff personally. This tech night is being done by the service department after hours – which means our staff will be working 12-14 hours that day. I just re-read the email blast we sent out. It states “Space is limited so a reservation is needed. Also, refreshments and food will be provided. Below is a list of items that will be reviewed with the customerÒ€¦” We do not want to “un-invite” anyone, but it appears we just ran out of space too quickly.

    Ian, I understand you posted this with a bit of “tongue in cheek” – but not everyone understands the πŸ™‚ (smileys). Unfortunately this posting is causing a bit of stir here at MINI of Peabody.

    This is the good and bad about posting online. I can’t tell everyone’s “tone” in the posting as it is difficult to tell mine. Paul Mello, no harm intended – just the reality of economics…. very difficult to afford fun events, if everyone buys elsewhere.

    Also, Thursday is my last day at MINI of Peabody. I will be moving over to BMW of Peabody. I will sorely miss not only my co-workers but also the MINI community. Sorry if I’m defensive – but I wish you could all see the amount of work that goes into making this dealership what it is. I can’t tell you the number of hours I’ve spent in meetings planning events, tech nights, etc for the sole benefit of the community. The employees, management, and owners of MINI of Peabody are by far the best in the business.

    Vinny McCauley

  16. Well, as you said Vinny, this was supposed to be a bit of a joke post … anyone who knows me and my website knows my very positive opinions MINI of Peabody. I don’t know anyone who comments of GBMINI that doesn’t also have good feelings about MoP.

    My best wishes for your new career “down the road” πŸ™‚

  17. Ian, I know where you are coming from. It’s not your postings, we knew you were joking. This has spurred other postings though that get us concerned. As you know from your visit here the other day – this posting has us all talking πŸ™‚


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