MTTS’08 badges

Back in 2006, I got a really nice MINI Takes The States badge / fridge magnet from Todds MotoringBadges website; although I’m much less thrilled by this years event, I still wanted to adorn my fridge, but it seems MotoringBadges is quiet now …

Instead I saw that CooperFlags had produced a nice looking magnetic badge, so I ordered a couple, although a little wary from my original experience with that company, that was a long time ago and I think the company has changed hands since then.
Still, after waiting a couple weeks with nothing delivered, I wondered, but happily the badges arrived today and are well worth the wait 🙂

8 thoughts on “MTTS’08 badges

  1. Not sure what you mean by… “MotoringBadges is quiet now.” Just went there and they do have a MTTS badge???

    Say how are the carp doing? He, he, he. 😉

  2. Thanks!
    Don’t you think it’s wierd that it’s on page 6, not “new designs” … they really need some sort of search / index on that site!

  3. those are nice. have some MTTS 2008 stuff that wasn’t available in Boston that I’ll ship to you when I get back from Minis in the Park.

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