In memory of Diane

Today I received the sad news that a wonderful friend and MINI owner, Diane, has passed away. Diane had been fighting cancer for some years, and while it appeared that she was winning when we saw her last year, in the end you can never win 😦

Before Diane’s struggle, she regularly attended MINI events, driving hundreds of miles from her home in Maine to attend events as far away as New York! Here are some pictures from events that both she and I attended …



(obituary can be found here)

[Years later], prompted by a Facebook post from Diane’s family, I put together this short video sequence of photos of her and her MINI …

2 thoughts on “In memory of Diane

  1. So sad this hear this. What a wonderful lady she was. I met her & Ed(Maxamini)
    at an event John J Jackman attended back in 2004.

    I last saw her a month later when she attended the first Sunrise Run in NYC
    and that was the last time, but some people you never forget.

    She is happily motoring with Ed, Jackman and a few other MINI people that
    have left this earth before there time.

    My condolences to her family.


    Nice to see Steve also in the pictures. I also met him at the Lime Rock event
    back in 2004.

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