Pennsylvania and New York City

Our return from Florida this time was somewhat circuitous, due to my making a presentation at JLG – we flew to Washington DC, rented a car (eventually!), drove to JLG, did the presentation, stayed near and toured Gettysburg, stayed in New Jersey, drove through New York City, before eventually heading home! Margaret did much of the driving in the (large) Toyota Camry we rented (thanks!), so I took some photos …

Looking down over McConnellsburg, PA, where JLG is located:

Memorials in Gettysburg (there are MANY); many gravestones, too:

And the Gettysburg address:


Margaret drove us right through the center of New York City, down Broadway – and I was able to take a couple of pictures of interesting buildings: The Empire State Building (some of it, anyway), and the Flat Iron Building (my favourite building!); a quick stop in Battery Park, to see The Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island:

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