6 thoughts on “The best place to sit …

  1. Now your talking, looking forward to decent weather again so mine can see some blue skies again.

  2. I’m more impressed with the fact that you took that pic with you iPhone! WOW!
    I’ve never gotten a pic that clear with mine… is yours a 3G? But if the GP had a sunroof I’d probably trade in my 2004 MCS. Gotta have a sunroof here in SoCal… 😉

    Speaking of music, spending this weekend, Kittie’s gone, loading all my CDs into iTunes. Gad!

  3. Not 3G, just the original … I find the iPhone does OK if there’s LOTS of light; also – especially the above pic taken while driving – you need a very steady hand! Take a few pics and select the best later on …

  4. When I got rid of the other MINI with “GBMINI” plate, I moved the plate over to the GP … I regularly wonder about switching back (especially now I have a second MINI again!)

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