Changing temperatures

My iPhone has a neat weather capability, which can show the weather for the next few days from multiple places – here I’ve compared our weather here for the next few days in Gloucester, North East USA, with that back in Old England, in Newcastle:
January 14 - Changing Temperatures.jpg

This gives a pretty typical image of weather differences … here in Gloucester, the temperature varies quite dramatically over the course of a few days; what it doesn’t show is that when we went to bed last night, the temperature was close to 40! This morning it was down to 20f (a cold -7c), it’s lower now, and it’s going to be much lower tonight and tomorrow night (0f is -18c!), so in the course of a couple of days, we’ve got a 40f swing.
Meanwhile in Old England, the temperature is almost the same day to day, with very little variation day to night either.

The up side to all this cold air over here, is we get lots more beautiful looking sunshine – just be sure to put lots of clothes on!