6 thoughts on “California’s Highway One

  1. Ah, I see you’ve finally upgraded your motoring vehicle…. 😉 So how was driving the HHR? Sorry we missed each other, btw sending badges this week.

  2. In the past, I’ve liked the HHR, and chose it this time – but found that on a longer drive, the pedals are not very comfortable 😦

  3. I noticed Gabe has it on his list of roads he found great to drive. I first drove it back in the 1970’s in my Volvo 544. 100 miles of spectacular scenery. Pacific Ocean on your right Los Padres National Forrest on you left and ya end up in Cambria… not too shabby! Plus, some 100 mph sections on you 100 mile drive. I’m still waiting to find anything better. Don’t try on weekends though.

  4. Drove it last year down to MTTS, I enjoyed the drive but the wife thought I drove a little too fast. 🙂 There are roads more fun to drive in CA, but few that are as scenic.

  5. Mike you may be right about that but to me the “1” gives you a bunch of road types on that 100 miles like no other I’ve driven. Switch backs, hair pins, long straights, off camber, long sweeping turns and so on, sort of a long Nurburgring.

    If one is awake and behind a slower driver you can find areas to pass on those switch backs. I passed 1 motorhome and 4 cars on the way up to MTTS 2006 in one turn. 1 Ford GT and 1 BMW M3 were in the mix. They both passed me back some 20 minutes later and I was running the “S” hard. I stayed with the M for a long time, the GT quickly was long gone. Saw them later in a gas station in Carmel and they both came over and were impressed with the car. Me, I’m just a mid talent driver.

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