April 15th is the deadline date for filing taxes in USA, but Margaret & I always try to stay well ahead of it (so many Americans do not – post offices have to stay open late that day!)
On the other hand, you can’t file too early, because it takes banks a while to get their paperwork out to you (unlike England, at least when we lived there, US banks do not withhold taxes, or do “MIRAS” type activities – you have to factor it all into the tax return).
When we came to America, we had little clue how US taxes worked, so purchased TurboTax to do them for us – and that’s how we’ve done it ever, since! You’re almost “locked in” because TurboTax simplifies basic data entry by importing the previous years data.
The US government has been trying to persuade people to “e-file”, eliminating mailed-in paperwork, for years – but we’ve always refused since we have to pay to e-file; why should we pay to benefit the government! But this year, TurboTax rolled the cost in to the program price, so we have no choice but to pay – and so we decided to do it:
February 15 - Taxes.jpg

We’ll see how fast the refund comes – it’s supposed to be fast when we e-file!