MINIs in Maine

Here’s something completely off-topic for GBMINI, but on-topic for MINIs and Minis:
(Mini’s in Maine from Lawrence S. Young on Vimeo)

This video was created by Lawrence S. Young, described as “2008 Mini Convention At Sunday River Maine in July 2008” … thanks to Dave Newman for highlighting it (Dave also features in the video – at 00:21 for example)

Lawrence has a number of high quality (non-Mini) videos; head over to Vimeo to learn more!

One thought on “MINIs in Maine

  1. That guy in the Green Mini with the outrageous “Bawston” accent has a face for radio! That footage was from Mini Meet East 2008 that was run by the New England Mini Owners NEMO club. It was fun with an excellent mix of classic Mini and new MINI owners. The 2009 event is in Mini-sota and is called Mini Meet East meets West. Time for a Lob-stah!

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