Black is Back

Back at the end of May 2002, I bought my first “BMW” MINI, a Black / White roof MINI Cooper …

Nice color, nice car …

Now, in March 2009, there’s a new Black … but it’s not a MINI!

It looks smaller, doesn’t it? 😉

Audi Q5; brand new on the market about two weeks ago.
1. I still love hatchbacks;
2. The Bang & Olufsen sound system is amazing (almost as good as GPMINI);
2. The interior electronics is fabulously techy!

I’ll try to keep this a MINI weblog – after all, GPMINI is still mine – but sometimes, there will be something non-MINI to say … I could already say lots about what a different experience it was, dealing with a non-MINI dealership!

But for those interested, here’s more pictures:

14 thoughts on “Black is Back

  1. Congrats Ian, Bet that grill makes a ‘get out of my way’ impression in the rear view when you’re speeding up on someone.

  2. Nice! One of the few things I feel down about on my MINI – the lack of interior electronics, not so on that Q5!

  3. Nice vehicle. We found even fewer dealerships for the Audi than the MINI, odd your comment about dealership… you had MOP one of the good ones.

    Well as Ernestine the telephone operator once said… 1 Ringy Dingy, 2 ringy dingy, 3 ringy dingy, 4 ringy dingy!

    “What type of MINI is GBMINI#4 (hint: GP)” ? Maybe it should now say “Q5″…. :-I

    C-YA-N-NYC…. in a few weeks.

  4. What you miss, Robert, is that the comment about dealerships might refer to how MISERABLE Audi was, in comparison!

  5. Ah yes I guess I did. I’d say our visits to our Audi Dealership have also been less than stellar for a supposedly “Premium” brand. But since I don’t have MOP near me my visits to MINI of Monrovia makes our Audi dealership seem like the Queen’s butter.

    As I have told you in the past the only, and on going, complaint has been rough idle and the replacement of the ignition parts deemed necessary to fix it which it still isn’t.

    Anyhow it’s a pretty looking vehicle that Q5.

  6. The wife and I are contemplating a Q5 (although I would rather buy an A4 Avant.) How is the navigation system?

  7. So far – 350 miles – it works very well, but I haven’t learned how to use it properly yet!
    It routes “normally” like my TomTom, it pronounces directions VERY well (much better than TomTom), and it gets not-very-useful traffic data just like other nav systems!
    The screen displays are very detailed, and it has a nice way to show highway junctions that you need to negotiate (showing for example multi-lanes and where you need to go, useful for those complex junctions).

    The Audi has two displays – the large one in the center and a smaller one in front of the steering wheel; both, or either can show navigation information, so you’re free to choose how much detail you want to see!

    I need to do much more learning – it’s all very complex! I’ll probably write it up at some point.

    Oh, one last thing – it crashed this morning! I had to do a “three finger reboot” to get it working again …

  8. Now it’s time to buy a classic Mini for summer driving! Vince in Norwell has a very nice injected 1275 for sale.


  9. Well Ian, this would make for a nice “support vehicle” on the next Arctic MINI run!

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