4 thoughts on “Car wash

  1. Hi Ian. Nice new car!!! I saw you driving up the road Friday and commented to my brother-in-law that it looks as if you bought a new car. I think it was the huge smile on your face that gave it away! Now THIS is my kind of car. It seems that we are on the same years to buy cars. Have a great time with it, and drive carefully. I notice that it can reach 180 m.p.h. I don’t think I want to ride with you. Maybe Margaret, though! I can’t believe you traded in a Mini, but I thought you would go to a bigger car again one day. I remember how much you liked the van you had. Talk to you soon, Joanne

  2. You’re right, I did love that first minivan – this one’s nice too 🙂

    I think the car is speed limited to 135 to protect the tires – haven’t tested it though!

  3. Can you not do something with that plate? It soooooooooooooo lets the graceful lines and polish DOWN!!!!

  4. No choice on plate color, etc. Only option would be personal letters, if I can think of something I want (and want to pay!)

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