Shut down by spam comments

Some readers may have noticed GBMINI slow or non-responsive today 😦
Turns out, GBMINI was hit hard by comment spambots!

Looking through the access log files tonight, I see …

208.111.154.* had about 500 accesses, but that seems to be a legitimate search engine identifying itself as (and I just visited – it’s quite impressive!) has almost 3000 accesses, looks like a search engine but doesn’t identify itself. has 1,771 attempts to post comment spam. has 1,795 attempts to post comment spam.

So, the last three IP addresses are now blocked – I’ll let a valid search engine visit, but not the “spammy” one!

I also made a change to the comment filenames, which should deflect some comment spambot attacks, and shouldn’t have changed normal commenting.

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