Birthday Splash

After a morning watching F1 qualifying, and enjoying the sun & pool, we headed over to Disney Magic Kingdom this afternoon (6pm-10pm).
Disney has a special birthday offer that includes free admission – but we have an annual pass so instead we could choose a special “fast pass” card which gives us up to eight instant fast passes for rides!
So we headed to Buzz Lightyear (Margaret’s fave), then Space Mountain (which Margaret skipped), then over to Splash Mountain followed by Thunder Mountain … for the first time, I managed to keep eyes open and hands off, during the Splash Mountain big drop!
April 4 - Birthday Splash.jpg

And here’s another picture, of me wet – note my Disney birthday badge, and the special Disney “fast pass” card I’m holding!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Splash

  1. You look like you are having so much fun. I can’t wait to go again. You know though, I’ll be wearing my poncho! Hey, if I was there I would have gone on Space Mountain with you, while Earle and Margaret went on Carousel of Progress! See you soon!

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