The Open Door Annual Board Meeting

Previously known as the Cape Ann Food Pantry / Open Door, now changing name to “The Open Door”; the board gathered today for it’s annual planning meeting, to review, discuss and plan; this year held at the Ipswich Inn

We spent a while working through the basics of meeting, reviewing financials and the current status of The Open Door, during which time Julie & Anne worked on some future design projects 😉

Then it was on to the “reveal” of the new design of “The Open Door” – not a logo, but a “type treatment”, nevertheless a very good design and color selection. The new design is shown with two possible “taglines” and one of the board tasks was to select their favorite; eventually what seemed to be a close decision easily selected “Feeding People. Changing Lives”, over “Where Hunger Stops and Hope Begins”.

After lunch there was further discussion to establish the basic ideas for our future plans, and finally a review of the Mission Statement – which apparently is too long for board members to remember, although we understand the goals; it seems to be time to re-write and shorten it!