GBMINI moves again

Website hosting, that is …

I’ve been using WestHost for a couple years now; I moved to them knowing I would pay much more, but expecting to get much more.
I purchased a “reseller” account at nearly $30/month – supposedly you get the same resources as 7 normal accounts, and I distributed them between my websites GBMINI, GPMINI and MargaretAndIan – I expected to get faster than average performance by doing that, as well as good reliability.
Well, I did get reliability (apart from one big down time), but I never really got the speed I wanted.

And now, I’m due for annual renewal in a few weeks, and it’s hard to pay $28/month, when so many other hosting services are out there for below $10/month – of course some of those could be rubbish!

I’ve been researching a lot recently. I’ve been testing GeekStorage for a few months now. Generally very good, not gone down at all, but recently been very slow. Support says they know and are working on it, but an amount of silence from their people has sent me elsewhere (a shame, since my great plan was to try hosting with M&I, and if good then move GBMINI and GPMINI).

I was close to trying BlueHost (aka HostMonster); but Robert has been having hassle with them recently, so I kept looking. I tried FatCow over the weekend – they offered all the good features and seemed responsive and communicative, and they had a $42 for first year special price and you know how I like that number …
But FatCow is unbelievably slow; so I junked them almost immediately, and searched further.

I’ve now settled on Host Gator; not the lowest cost – but paying least isn’t always smart. And definitely less expensive than WestHost. Faster too, so far … and what attracted me too was their available and detailed network status. Some companies have no available status, you have to fill in support tickets and hope they respond. Some I’ve seen only let status be seen by existing customers, so you can’t check them out beforehand. Those companies don’t get my business!

Moving to HostGator took more work than I’d wished; I was going to switch to Gallery v2.3 as part of the move, but that blew up when given my v2.2 data, and then left everything in a huge mess when I tried to revert to v2.2 – finally tonight wiped everything, and started again, re-patched all the little Gallery modifications, and got it all working (I think!)

Of course, any hosting company is a gamble these days – we’ve even seen “big boys” like MotoringFile and MINI2 go down, and in the end my little hobby website is unimportant … but I prefer it to work, reasonably well, than to work not at all!

Hopefully, this is the last you’ll hear about hosting for at least a couple more years 😉

8 thoughts on “GBMINI moves again

  1. Webhosting is such a crap shoot these days. I recently changed my Site5 hosting to their unlimited account – unlimited everything – and it’s working ok, but I know it’s only a matter of time before I get some downtime.

  2. Well I did have problems with Bluehost but overall they have been very good. I’ve only had downtime recently and it seems it was self created by 1. my impatience and 2. a rookie tech person giving me some wrong advice. Once I got to tech level 2 at Bluehost my Cnames were restored and the redirects fixed.

    They gave me a discount and were very apologetic about what happened. I’ve never waited more than 2 minutes to get a tech.

  3. I’ve heard lots of good things about Host Gator lately, so good choice.

    Really too bad Site5 left such a bad taste in your mouth. They have been great for me for the past 5 years or so, even moreso for the past 18 months since they changed management.

  4. I have a friend that has used HostGator for a while now and he is happy with the service.

    I personally use HostPapa and haven’t had any issues.

    Also, I can see the HostGator building from my office window so let me know if you ever need me to rattle the cage for you.


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