MINIs Motoring Against Cancer

Regular readers know that I plan next month to re-trace my 2007 trip from Florida to Massachusetts – this year I’ll be driving GPMINI up from Florida to meet the Blue Ridge Parkway Tour organized by Tar Heel MINIs, then joining organizer Robyn and friends for another Great Ice Cream Run (and this year, Margaret will travel with me 🙂 )

Now, thanks to famous MINI owner Mark / Twister, there’s an additional reason for me to do the trip:

Mark writes on Tar Heel MINIs:
I propose [the banner] make it to Mt Washington and back. I challenge anyone going on this trip to donate whatever they can to Cancer Research during this trip.
My donation will be as follows:
GBMINI aka Ian Cull is driving his 2006 GP from Florida to Maine, I will give .01 cents for every mile he drives during this multi-tour event.

This is an important cause, and I applaud Mark for supporting it in such a fun way … I have pledged to match Mark’s fund-raising, and hopefully many other people will do the same – please visit the Tar Heel MINIs thread, to join with Mark in supporting MINIs Motoring Against Cancer.

(also, see this NorthAmericanMotoring thread)

3 thoughts on “MINIs Motoring Against Cancer

  1. Ian, saw this some time back and meant to respond! Still, better late than never! Will sponsor at £0.01 (sterling). Let me know the total, and best of British for this and MOT.

  2. UPDATE: Mark writes:
    For those of you wanting to match funds. Please make a donation to the Cancer Fund of your choice in the name of “MINIs Motoring Against Cancer” in your community. I don’t plan on gathering funds from everyone to submit to one charity. Thanks to everyone for your contributions

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