I was wondering today what the Audi Q5 average MPG is – recently it’s on-board computer has been showing figures as high as 27mpg for my easy drive home from work (a bit lower to work in the morning, when the engine is cold).

So … on 2,305 miles at 111 gallons, the Q5 averages 20.8mpg. Not great, but comfortable!

And seeing I have spreadsheets for my MINIs too (except GBMINI#1), let’s compare:
GBMINI#2: 28,676 miles, 1058 gallons -> 27.1mpg
GBMINI#3: 23,803 miles, 902 gallons -> 26.4mpg (not so much of a hit, really, for an automatic!)
GBMINI#4: 28,599 miles, 1049 gallons -> 27.3mpg (I always claimed GPMINI was more economical, there’s the proof!)
GBMINI#5: 716 miles, 25.2 gallons -> 28.4mpg (Of course an average on so few miles isn’t very indicative, but 4% better than my GP isn’t close to the claimed improvements of the “Prince” engine, and no way justifies the downsides!)
GBMINI#6: 6,747 miles, 256 gallons -> 26.3mpg (not much of a hit for the convertible, either)

I know other MINI owners get much worse mpg (and doubtless some get better) – but these figures are pretty comparable since it’s the same driver doing largely the same driving on the same routes!

8 thoughts on “Averages

  1. 20 is OK…. Huh? I think it’s crappy even for that slug….. šŸ˜‰ but maybe as it ages it will get better.

  2. Interesting that the Q5 is on par with the auto 06 A4 we have. The A4 does a little better on long hauls but not much.

    My R56 MCS sees considerably better mileage than you saw. I get 30mpg on work day runs and 35-37mpg highway at a 65-70mph clip. That’s on par with my old R50 MC.

  3. My wifes A4 gets much better mpg than that but she has the 2005 1.8 Quartro. Hers gets 28-30.

    Ian, I’m in the Amsterdam airport heading home!!

  4. Got a row of seats (3) to myself and slept for 8 of the 10 hours….. šŸ™‚
    Second flight was not as fun, but only 3 hours long so bearable. Got $580 stole in Holland.

  5. i’m consistently seeing 20-21 average MPG in my R50, but that’s also because it’s high mileage, due in for an oil change, and being used for constant touch-and-go driving for food deliveries. once i start college and do more open-road motoring, perhaps flushing out my oil and putting my gas tank on the ventil-sauber-and-jectron diet, i expect to see numbers closer to 25 or 26 average.

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