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I’ve said before how important is music in my car, and I made sure my new Audi Q5 had satellite radio (as well as the ability to play my iPod).
Sirius satellite radio offers me the chance to hear the British music I grew up with on a number of channels – most importantly on “First Wave” which is almost purely Brit music from the mid 80’s; but also many tracks on “60s on 6”, “70s on 7”, and “80s on 8” … these stations play popular USA music from those years, but much of it had at the time crossed the channel from England, for example:
June 5 - Brit Music.jpg

For the “true Brit experience”, there’s also “BBC Radio 1” transmitted on a five hour delay so that the program time matches (my) East coast USA time … but sadly, Radio 1 on Sirius satellite in USA is just as awful as it is in England! Wish they transmitted Radio 2 instead 🙂

One thought on “Brit music

  1. Regularly we hear reports from ex. pats. around the world
    listening to “2”. I guess that they are using internet connection, which probably comes at a cost and only in fixed locations!
    Like you, we find 1 rather a turn off,but I suppose we were younger once!!!

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