There can be only one?

The new cats, Frida & Freddie, have been play-fighting more often as they settle in … but suddenly these last couple of days, Frida has turned extremely aggressive and driven Freddie back permanently under the sofa or behind the cupboard! Our only “solution” so far is to lock Frida in one room with her own food and litter tray, but that’s not practical, longer term …
July 6 - There Can Be Only One.jpg

Web suggestions include the traditional “squirt them with water”, as well as “rub them with the same towel” (which apparently makes them smell the same) and “take them to the Vet” (in case one is sick!) … personally, I’m ready to have less than two cats – although I must admit that individually, both Frida and Freddie are quite nice & friendly:


Freddie (who eventually became Chloe!):