Sex change!

So, now we have just one cat …
July 10 - Sex Change.jpg

It simply was not practical to keep both cats in separate rooms, and whenever we tried to put them together, they’d growl and, if allowed, fight. The more timid “Freddie” spent a lot of time hiding behind cupboards, under beds, inside sofas, whatever.
Yesterday we visited the Gloucester animal shelter where the cats came from, to see what advice they could offer – which basically was no more than an un-helpful “keep them separated”!
We also learned that, far from being long related brother and sister, they are actually both female, and discovered together dumped does not mean they knew each other for long … So it seems we were misled about their relationship 😦

So, after much discussion and sad decision between Margaret and I, we chose to return “Freida” to the home – she’s the stronger willed cat and hopefully better able to cope with being returned and then sent to another new home. We emphasised that they need to find her a home with no other cat (and probably no children, since she is very jealous).

Meanwhile, we had to re-name our “sex changed” cat … for now she is “Cali” (due to her Calico coat)

One thought on “Sex change!

  1. That’s so sad, but two females rarely get on as one will always try to dominate. Glad that is sorted as we always thought that torties were always female and Freddy didn’t look macho! Keep the pics coming.

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