Classic parking

After yet another fabulous MINIsOnTop recently, including a great morning at Loon Mountain with 220 perfectly parked MINIs, we were invited to Loon Mountain today to help with parking an anticipated 200 classic cars for their Kruise the Kanc Classic Car Drive.
Rarely likely to turn down a chance to get together, about 10 MINI owners headed up … sadly, we nearly outnumbered the classic cars, parking only 20 in the end! But the company was great, the cars that did show were spectacular, and the (mid 80s) weather was amazing! So, here’s some pictures …

Volunteers included Pete, Ivan, Kevin, Shannon, Chip, Richard, Theo …

Lots of nice cars arrived, not really enough to need help with parking though!


After a wile, the cars headed off to drive the Kancamagus Highway:

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