Traffic’s back!

With Labor day just gone by (Monday), it’s unofficially the end of Summer! And of course schools are back in session now. Immediately, these events have caused increased traffic on my commute – and particularly awful today! My 20 minutes went up to 45 minutes!

Now that Summer is over, the bridge work causes more traffic delays – during Summertime they minimized tourist disruption, but now, they don’t care about local traffic …

Then, with school in session, there are school buses. Not too much delay unless you happen to be following one with lots of stops …

But¬†today, the Essex causeway road works trumped everything else! They’ve been digging up part of the road most of the Summer, working their way slowly along the road. Today though, they decided to work two sections at the same time, with stop/go workers to control the one way traffic past each work area.
All very good – except the gap between the two sections was only about 8 cars long, and the stop/go workers didn’t bother synchronising … so we ended up with total gridlock due to traffic going north at the south works and south at the north works!

Once the short section of road between the two works filled up, that was it! Eventually north traffic managed to climb the sidewalks and ease past, while south traffic was directed off the road, around Woodmans parking lot, and back … all this while two policemen watched. Madness!