TV change

Today was “time for a new TV” day, at 8002! It didn’t start that way – we just went to Super Target to get some Cascade for the dishwasher … but the TV that came with the house was awful, and fuzzy, and the cabinet it lived it uncomfortably dominated the living area … and suddenly we were looking at new flat panel TVs, then TV/media stands, then wondering if it would all fit in GPMINI (and it did).

So here’s the new – a 42″(!) Plasma TV, on an attractive glass topped stand:
September 24 - TV Change.jpg

And for comparison, this is what it looked like before:

One thought on “TV change

  1. Hey Margaret, You’ll be able to watch some good fights on that T.V.! I am sure Earle will like that T.V. too!

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