Ira Audi (non) service

Before Florida, the Q5 was due it’s first (5,000 mile) service / oil change. It Also exhibited a MINI like poor warm start issue which I expected to be solved by Ira Audi with a quick engine re-program, like MINIs …
Well as it turned out, the dealership kept the car a week, doing who knows what testing; hopefully fixed too but I don’t know yet.
[UPDATE: Cold Start issues remain – after arriving home last night then going out 1/2hr later, the engine wouldn’t start smoothly]

When we got back last night, we visited Ira to get the Q5 back. No-one interested in giving a final report, but St least we had the car … Oh, except for two things; the car has it still needs it’s oil change!

Maybe they did the oil change – but then they should clear the report too; it shouldn’t be me, the customer, having to do that

Oh, and if testing involves repeated extended drives to warm the engine, maybe a courtesy would be NOT to leave the car empty of gas when I pick it up!

I realize some MINI dealerships might treat customers like this, but I expect better (especially given the price of the Q5!) I filled in a very negative survey tonight … though apparently even Audi doesn’t know what a Q5 is yet:

“We hope that you continue to enjoy your , which is equipped with a number of innovative and unique features” – including the feature of having no name, and the feature of needing an oil change constantly!

4 thoughts on “Ira Audi (non) service

  1. Rusnak Audi out here in Pasadena ain’t much better. Our somewhat rough running A4 1.8 is still not right though drivable. We left BMW for the same reasons you stated above.. for this kind of money shouldn’t service be better?! Like I told my MINI MA when it was still Assael, now MINI of Monrovia…. this ain’t a cheap Ford!

    But really… most auto dealers are all pretty much the same, they hire parts changers not mechanics, flim flam fast speaking snake oil salesmen spin doctors. Rare are the “MOP”, if indeed they still are that good, dealers of the world.

    The surveys are totally missing the point for the manufacturers. If you give a less than stellar comment on any portion of their survey you might affect a decent person who did their job at the dealership. If they were smart they would make the questions more specific to each condition they want to have knowledge of not generalities where the service person has to beg you to “Please, Give nothing but 5’s!”.

  2. The Audi survey was a little more specific than most – I did give “5/5” were valid (eg: at the booking).
    Of course there was a final “we see you’re not happy, should someone contact you” bit, which I said “YES” to … we’ll see if anyone ever does follow up.

    Thanks, Joe! Though hopefully I’m many months from needing another Audi service visit.

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