Frog squeak

This morning while laying out at the pool at 8002, we heard this strange squeal/squeak – sounded initially like a Baby, or maybe a bird, but it turned out to be the call of a Frog – a two foot black Snake was attempting to swallow it, and the Frog wasn’t enjoying the experience!
We went over for a closer look, and the Snake “ran” away, leaving the Frog to escape.
But half an hour later, we heard the same sound; the Frog stupidly had got itself caught a second time! Once again, the Snake backed off when I approached (but not so far this time, instead the Snake started threatening me), but I picked up the Frog and took it to the other side of the garden:

The Frog later climbed the fence with sucker-like feet, and hopped in to a bush next door; hopefully it won’t meet the Snake again …

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