Another big screen at 8002

Today we replaced the old PC at 8002 with a new and HUGE 27″ screen iMac – it’ll make working while I’m down here much easier (and there was a “Black Friday” discount yesterday that made it a little more tempting) …
November 28 - Another Big Screen At 8002.jpg

Apple computers are so much nicer than most PCs – and the iMac has this amazing screen, cute wireless keyboard and “touch anywhere” mouse, only one (power) wire to make everything work, instant connection to the printer … and it’s SILENT πŸ™‚
They’re supposed to be easier to use too – though for me, it’s hard to unlearn so many years of PC experience (but Apple’s iPhoto is way better than any PC program for basic tweaking of photos – like the one above)

6 thoughts on “Another big screen at 8002

  1. Just bought one myself. 8 GB RAM and 2 TB hard drive. It’s supposed to be here Monday. Fat chance since it’s coming FedEx and Secco could be involved πŸ˜‰

  2. My iMacs also are working well, no issues with screen color … on the other hand, LOTS to learn to fully make use of an iMac in the office / PC environment!

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