Tracking, driving to work

I recently bought a small GPS tracker gadget – it’s purpose is to record where I am while I take photos, then later I can run a program that links the photos to the location. Pretty clever, in theory – but not quite good enough yet in practice …
With some work, I was able to get the route I drove this morning, in to a Google Maps data set:

(click to view larger map)

But, there’s no photos there. The file with photos embedded, Google Maps refused as too big. I can view route & photos in Google Earth – but that’s on my PC, not where anyone can see it.

I also was able to upload all the photos in to Google Picasa Web Albums, and it can show them on a map – but it can’t show the route I used to get from one photo to another (though I guess it’s reasonably obvious!)

December 14 - Tracking, Driving To Work.jpg
In Picasa, you can also see the photos in an album view (and there’s a slideshow mode too – but I didn’t take the photos to be good, only to experiment! Still, this one is quite amusing – Farnham’s has closed for winter, and won’t be back till March 2010!