The first Snow of 2009/10

The weather predictions were correct, eventually – the Snow storm arrived later than claimed, but it did deliver at least a foot of Snow; hard to measure as it was very windy as well, giving deep drifts in some parts of the garden, and almost nothing elsewhere.

Chloe seems to have never met Snow before; when I opened the door this morning, she look shocked by all the white stuff, poked it with one paw, stuck her head in it (!) then turned and walked away; and hasn’t been near the door since!
But she still likes outside, and keeps looking out the windows, though when I went out to take pics and see how deep it was, she stayed in:

The high winds created some very interesting Snow sculptures. Also here, I dug out some of the steps to the front door, to give an idea of the Snow depth:

3 thoughts on “The first Snow of 2009/10

  1. We had about 10% of that last Friday and guess what! Total chaos and all public transport ground to STOP. Eurostar, wrong type of snow in France, got into motors and stopped in tunnel!!!!!!!!! Three days before partially sorted.
    Ruby, looked and went out for hours!!!! She goes out about 6pm and stays out there for many hours. Not sure where her brain is.
    Speak soon.

  2. I love the pic of Chloe with the snow. Charlie hates snow as well and he is 5 years old, but might not have seen snow as not usual in Leeds.

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