12 years after – visiting Newcastle

Inspired by my many hours of work with videos & slideshows to create the 2009 picture every day, I’ve been going back through some of the other ancient video files on my computer …

This video was recorded in early 1997, when Margaret & I returned to England for our first visit “back to our roots” after emigrating to USA six months earlier; I didn’t own a video camera at this time, and had borrowed a “full size VHS” one from my Grandad – that video was later transferred multiple times before eventually arriving on this computer, and it’s quality has suffered.
But still, it remains an interesting video I think; especially showing our friends Paul & Sheila, and Barnie & Dave, with their families – Paul & Sheila recently had their first child Matthew, while Barnie & Dave had reached their third, making Billy, Jake, and Robbie.
There’s also a bit of Newcastle, and the River Tyne, lots of puddles – and some video of Tilly, Sophie and Tuppence (three cats that Sheila & I had when we were together, and Sheila still had at this time, though all were getting old)