Joanne & Earle told us that they’d seen an Alligator at Celebration, so this afternoon we took a trip over and a walk around the lakes and footpaths there, to see if it was still around – and it was! Look at the far side of the water, just in front of where the scrubland is; there’s a dark line shadow in the grass … We decided to walk closer, to get better pictures – but not so close as to scare it …

That’s as close as we wanted to get, but computer editing gives a closer-still picture!

2 thoughts on “Alligator

  1. Very interesting! As long as it doesn’t fancy a pool dip!!!!!! We assume they are closely monitored??

  2. Joanne & Earle were told that once they get to a bigger-enough (=dangerous-enough?) size, they’re moved away from people!

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