“Second Wednesday”

Winter storms in New England cancelled our flight back home today, so we’re “suffering” for a couple extra days in Florida – with the benefit that Margaret & I were able to join James & Steve and others at the George & Dragon pub for Sunshine MINIs of Orlando’s “Second Wednesday” get-together.
It’s lighter longer down here than back in Boston – but still it was dark by 7pm, so these pics are poor even by iPhone standards; though like they say “the best camera is the one you have with you”, so these pics will have to do!

Outside the George & Dragon was a London bus, so I lined up GPMINI for a picture – and the other MINIs lined up there too 🙂

I also learned from James of his Library Of Motoring blog, which he’s regularly posting to at the moment; I added it to the Google Reader feed list.

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