Comcast data usage

So, Comcast has introduced a “data usage meter”, and I find it rather suspicious!

Their FAQ makes such statements as:
The vast majority – more than 99% – of our customers will not be impacted by a 250 GB monthly bandwidth or data usage threshold … 250GB is far beyond the current median of data usage for a typical residential Internet customer in a month … median data usage by Comcast High-Speed Internet customers is approximately 2 – 4GB each month … 95% of service customers could increase their data usage many times over and still not be considered an excessive user …

But then their chart claims my January usage to be well past 50% of their limit! I wouldn’t mind if I torrent’ed heaps of movies, and ran SlingPlayer every day – but I don’t … of course Comcast provide no data statistics to back up their single number, so there’s no way to draw any conclusions from what they claim; I suppose I’ll need to look at traffic monitoring!

Anyone else with experience of this new Comcast feature?

2 thoughts on “Comcast data usage

  1. You’re starting to see their evil… 250GB is certainly not a lot at all. What if you were starting a mozy backup on a new computer? Watching the 800 hours of video of the olympics that NBC has online? Do they even advertise these maximums when you’re selecting a speed?

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