The same, but different

My Q5 is in for service currently, to get the keyless entry system working again, addressing a couple of service bulletins, and hopefully eliminating a rattle from the back of the car, and so I’m driving … a Q5! But this Q5 is not the “prestige” spec, so doesn’t have the B&O sound system, or navigation – and it does show in the interior with lower quality displays and poorer sound (though really that’s a good thing; it’s nice to know I got something for the extra money I paid!)

All the stereo / display controls are crammed together above the heating controls, leaving a lot of empty space around the shifter – compare my Q5 picture (left) with the rental:

The main display, in the center of the car, is smaller – and updates noticeably slower when for example scrolling through the Sirius radio channels; more noticeable still is the small display between the dials, with this rental Q5 having a single red color display with much bigger pixels (or less aliasing); it just looks lower quality!

Other differences include the speed-volume compensation (which is apparently randomly too loud in this rental Q5) and, strangely, much lighter steering – I definitely prefer my Q5 🙂

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