Another Audi

My Q5 went back to IRA Audi today for them to (finally / successfully) fix the keyless entry; this time I got an A4 to drive for the day – thankfully, only about 25 miles in it, as it was nowhere near as nice to drive as the Q5!
The A4 felt cramped, with a much lower roof; and under-powered, with the 2.0T being very sluggish – though once or twice the turbo kicked in unexpectedly to accelerate after I’d got used to not! That’s even worse, I think.


One thought on “Another Audi

  1. My wife’s A4 has a 1.8t, quattro and a 6 speed trans, sports suspension package… It’s also gutless. It only has 170 hp and weighs 3400+ lbs nearly 800 lbs more than the my MCS.

    If I try to accelerate quickly from a signal it has a slight lag then when I go to shift gears it continues accelerating between shifts with my foot off the pedal, for about 1 second.

    The ride is agonizingly harsh and the seats unbearably stiff. We took my dad from Pasadena to Oakland (500+ miles) and he said at the end of the drive… ” that’s the most uncomfortable F’n ridding car I’ve ever been in!” I let him sit in the passenger front seat on the way home.

    I will say it’s an amazing car in the rain… or as Hans Stuck once said…” we go balls out in da corners!”

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