Roadside coverage, a bit late!

I got this letter in the mail recently, encouraging me to sign up for continued roadside coverage now that my included four year warranty has expired …

Two slight issues, that make it a bit late …
First, I sold this car, GBMINI#3, almost three years ago – and it was sold to it’s new owner through MINI of Peabody, which you’d think would ensure that the database would be up to date;
Second, coverage for the car expired one year ago (as indicated on the letter), yet only now is coverage being offered! What about the last 12 months?

Wierd, MINI, very wierd!

4 thoughts on “Roadside coverage, a bit late!

  1. I just got it as well. You know how much I tried to continue my mini roadside when it expired with my warranty years ago, but it just wasn’t part of the program. Clearly they just started offering the extension. Too late for me as well as obviously I already have another roadside program (and $99 is pretty pricey!)

  2. Ian, are you going to extend the factory warranty beyond the 4years for GP? Was debating looking at what the extended options were considering I honestly dread having to take GP to any MINI deal.

  3. I’ve not really thought about it George, when I looked at pricing before it seemed quite high for not long – but maybe I should look again.

  4. let me know what you find out, maybe there is a group buy discount šŸ™‚ I’d have to way the cost vs the aggrevation of taking GP into MINI dealers who seem to employ barbarians instead of mechanics.

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