Driving an R56 MINI Cooper Convertible

Thanks to Brig, Joel, and all at MINI of Peabody, I got to enjoy today’s fun MINI rally in beautiful weather in this 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible with only 4,300 miles on it! It looked really nice inside, especially the Piano Black dash:

During the rally, it was very nice to drive, easy to shift gears – but noticeably lacking in power, at least compared to my GP and Q5! On the other hand, I still think it’s somewhat of a positive to have to shift gears more to keep the car performing well – it makes for a more interactive MINI experience, than with an S!
The ride was particularly good, even on the equipped 17″ wheels, and it wasn’t very windy or noisy on the highway either.
Of course, I know from experience how cold the MINI convertible is in New England winters, so it’s not the car for me … but it’d be fabulous a bit further South 🙂

4 thoughts on “Driving an R56 MINI Cooper Convertible

  1. And that kool shirt only helped matters. Too bad it wasn’t more prominent in any of the pictures…;-)

  2. Also… after driving that Audi slug around it prolly seems light on it’s feet… he, he, he.

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