MINI Takes The States 2010

Happily, MINI USA has created a MINI Takes The States that I hope to be able to enjoy, returning to the original “road trip” roots of fabulous MTTS2006, while giving a nod to the night-club style of MTTS2008 and MU, more popular with WRR organizers than with me 😉

There’s not a lot of detail so far, no indication if there will be nightly events like 2006, or just the parties at each end of the road trip legs – but offering a drive from Atlanta (closest to GPMINI) to Denver, is enough temptation that, after discussion at work, I’ve registered … and hope to actually participate in the drive too!


It’s a bit of a work gamble at the moment, although August is a quiet time for Europe customers, and I can claim to be driving past some of the others! So hopefully I’ll make the drive, and get a few more miles on GPMINI. With luck, meet up with some MINI friends too 🙂

5 thoughts on “MINI Takes The States 2010

  1. Hmmm… I wonder what route they will take from LA to Phoenix. Presumably the 10 which means bypassing San Diego and us in the desert. No way I can take that much time off work to do any of the route but maybe I can stand on a freeway bridge in Palm Springs and watch it go by?

    Ian, you always seem to have all the fun!

  2. Does that mean those of us WRR guys have a “night-club” reputation? ; )

    This event should be epic in its own right. I hope you can actually make it.

    Meet you in Indy!


  3. @Paul – Maybe there will be a MINI link app in the android market by then? Fingers crossed.

    We don’t have any route details yet, but I would be we take the 10 like you said. If you can take the time to drive to Phoenix, it should be a great time!

  4. I chatted with a few MINI USA executives last night and found out MINI Takes the States 2010 will have an official-unofficial start in Miami (with a MINI Countryman present) with a stop in Orlando before heading to Atlanta for the official-official start.

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