MINI Takes The States 2010 – new plan!

So a couple weeks ago I booked to drive MTTS2010 from Atlanta to Denver; I was not at that time sure I could do it work-wise but I’ve now basically discussed and decided “yes” pretty well “no matter what”. In general I can do quite a lot of work while away from the office, for a short time at least – and August is always quiet at least with our European customers, so it should work out well.

I didn’t know if Margaret would join me, and wasn’t sure what George would be doing either (he’s been rather busy with other aspects of his life recently!), but hoped we might be able to do at least a partial-repeat of fabulous MTTS2006 …


I also had not figured what to do after MTTS2010, ending in the middle of the country in Denver; one idea was to maybe find a friend to leave the car with till AMVIV (assuming it happens in 2011).

Then I learned that George planned to get his car to the West coast, and drive the West MTTS route – which I have to admit is a much more interesting route, as it goes through my favorite places of Las Vegas and Utah!
Margaret said she’d like to join me – but wouldn’t it be good to start from the West coast as that way she’d be able to do “coast to coast” across USA (which I did but she did not, back in 2006!)

Finally, my friend Robert offered parking for GP0203 at his home near Los Angeles … then offered something even more interesting: a way to get GP0203 out there, from it’s home in Florida!

So, with huge thanks to Robert, and thanks also to Michelle at MTTS registration, I’ve switched my Atlanta sign-up to Los Angeles. GPMINI will get to the West coast before Margaret and I do, we will get to drive Phoenix, Las Vegas, Utah and Salt Lake City, and Denver in the GP – and then figure something for afterwards, before returning the GP to Florida!

August 2010 should be just as much fun as August 2006 was πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “MINI Takes The States 2010 – new plan!

  1. Ian, looking forward to motoring with you and GP in our attempts to repeat 2006. Should be fun. Any thoughts of starting from San Franscisco?

  2. Sounds good. Was looking forward to motoring some of MTTS from Orlando with you, though. How are you getting the GP from Orlando to LA?

  3. Interesting news, Ian. I’ve been thinking about doing the LA to Phx part but getting to meet you while you are out here (providing I can find you amongst the masses!) might just swing it. Having said that my wife quite likes the idea of going all the way to Denver….

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